Community Engagement through St. Peter’s looks different all the time, but all it has one purpose:

To engage the community with the love of God in Jesus.

We do that through participating in events that our surrounding community may already be hosting, by hosting our own events that will serve our surrounding community, partnering together with our community to serve those in need as well as providing opportunities for Christ followers to develop a lifestyle of faith-sharing.

ANOTHER Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!?


The Twin Cities was proud to host Super Bowl 52 at USBank Stadium and the Christian community was thrilled to have the world brought to our doorstep!  It was an incredible opportunity to share the love of Jesus with over one million visitors! Now, once again, the Christian community in the Twin Cities has the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus through the venue of USBank Stadium! We are joining together to host PULSE Twin Cities!  This is an event designed to fill ALL 66,200 seats of USBank Stadium with people that will be changed as they discover God’s Heart!

For more information about how you or the St. Peter’s family can be involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity, contact Faith Rattei, our Community Outreach Director.


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