Community Engagement through St. Peter’s looks different all the time, but all it has one purpose:

To engage the community with the love of God in Jesus.

We do that through participating in events that our surrounding community may already be hosting, by hosting our own events that will serve our surrounding community, partnering together with our community to serve those in need as well as providing opportunities for Christ followers to develop a lifestyle of faith-sharing.




Reviving Evangelism, the report resulting from more than a year of work with our friends at Barna Group was shared at the Alpha Conference.

Two data points from this study captured headlines quickly:

  • Nearly half (47%) of ChristianMillennials think sharing one’s faith is wrong(outpacing non-believers and lapsed believers).

  • Yet, 94% of these same ChristianMillennials think knowing Jesus is the best thing that could happen to anyone.

The disconnect it seems, is not in people wanting others to know Jesus. It’s howthey learn about him - the method- that concerns the next generation.

Given our current cultural climate, this makes sense. Well-intentioned but transactional efforts at evangelism can be off-putting. But, when the church leads instead with radical hospitality, listening, trust in the Holy Spirit, and empowering the guest to navigate their journey on their own terms, the concerns about proselytization dissipate. We think this is why, again according to Barna, 82% of non-believers who complete Alpha discover and align their lives to Jesus. The invitation to life shared through an Alpha group within a local church opens up real respect and friendship, while faithfully spreading the good news.

Watch Craig Springer, Alpha USA’s executive director, unpack what this study really means for today’s culture.


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